Our Mission

Be Concerned is deeply com-
mitted to honoring the dignity
and humanity of all persons.

Its purpose is to assist low-
income people of Northern
Kentucky in obtaining basic
necessities for life.

Sunday, December, 17, 2017

Planned Giving

Planned Gifts – a new way
to support Be Concerned

     Be Concerned’s free food pantry has been a godsend to thousands of low-income folks in Northern Kentucky since it opened in 1987.
   For some pantry shoppers, the program is a monthly part of their food supply, an ongoing supplemental food source that they can count on. For others, it’s a bridge to help them get through a tough stretch after they’ve lost a job or suffered some other type of economic setback. 
    The pantry has survived and thrived – currently it’s providing food to more than 800 families a month – mainly through the support of donations from the community – individuals, families, churches, schools, businesses and clubs. 
    Now, we are offering another way for supporters to help – through Planned Gifts
    Planned gifts come in two forms. 
    Legacy Gifts are typically made from assets in your estate rather than from disposable income, and may come to fruition after your lifetime. 
    Sustained Gifts are pledged at a fixed amount over a prescribed number of years.
     Whether you would like to put your donation to work today or to benefit us after your lifetime, we can help you find a Planned Gift that meets your goals. 
    With your help, Be Concerned can continue to put food on the table for Northern Kentucky households who have a tough time doing that.

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